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Your estate should go to your family, friends, or whoever you decide. But without a will, there’s no guarantee that will happen. Your spouse may not inherit your entire estate, or your family may need to sell your home. With no will, your children may even miss out on inheriting anything.

Getting a will ensures that your estate will be dealt with as you want it to be. With Richard & Lewis, you will get Ebbw Vale’s leading and reliable wills and probate solicitors.

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We want to relieve the stress associated with wills & probate law

We are here to take the pressure and stress off you. We do this by taking on the legal work required for wills and probate law, so you can focus on how you want your estate to be handled. Your will is a document that details the circumstances and conditions of how you wish to delegate your assets.

A big part of what we do as wills and probate solicitors is checking that both the writing and administration of wills are dealt with correctly. Along the way, we will also give you advice that will help to make your will both secure and comprehensive. This makes the process easier by minimising the fuss, making it easier for you. It can also be a great help to reduce stress during difficult times.

Are you the named executor of a will? Call our team of experienced advisors in Blaenau Gwent

We recommend that you speak to one of our legal advisors to help you understand the procedures. From the Grant of Probate through the valuation of the estate, we will run you through everything. We will give advice on the payment of tax and debts, and finally the distribution of the remaining estate.

These duties must be carried out properly by law. Having one of our wills and probate solicitors will help ensure that you can do what needs to be done.

Do you have a will yet? We can make the process easy.

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